Summer dresses

image This is also a pattern from Knippie 2 2015. The first dress (teal) I sewed exactly like the pattern from the Knippie. The front panel is split into two pieces (front and side panels) you sew together and include two small splits. The back is a bit longer then the front. The teal dress looks great on Koko and I like side panels in the front. But I don’t like the splits and the extra length on the back of the dress.
So I decided to sew a second one and leave out the splits an shortened the back. I also left out the side panels because I used a big patterned fabric and I don’t think it would add something extra this time. Only some stress to get the pattern right when sewing together 😉 I love this version! I think I’ll sew another one with the adjustments I made and include the side panels. image image Bye bye!


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