Winter sleeping bag

Winter sleeping bag | Tummietown #sew

Last summer summer I sewed a sleeping bag for Koko. Because I thought this was so easy I decided to sew a winter version this time. To create the pattern I traced a sleeping bag in the right size. But you can als ook use a dress with no sleeves and make this a bit bigger all around and add some length of course.

Winter sleeping bag | Tummietown #sew
I used our spare duvet for the inside of the sleeping bag wich is very comfortable and warm. It can be very cold out here at night ❄ For the outside I used a cotton fabric. I have to admit it’s probably not the fastest way to use a duvet because it’s not very easy to cut and sew because it of the multiple layers. I sewed around the two separate pieces first to make is a bit easier to work with.

You can find a lot of patterns and tutorials about sleeping bags online. Maybe this one from ‘Kiind ‘ is helpful for you. (sorry Dutch)
Or this one from ‘the little dream factory’ also available in Dutch here.

We still have some cold nights coming up!
Bye bye ⛄

Winter sleeping bag | Tummietown #sew

Winter sleeping bag | Tummietown #sew


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