T dress for myself

Simple T dress tutorial | Tummietown #sew

I sewed this very simple dress for myself before we went on holiday. ( I know it’s december allready…but I forgot to post this one 😛 ) Great to throw over your bikini.

First I traced a dress I liked and which was suitable for this kind of dress.

Simple T dress tutorial | Tummietown #sew

Simple T dress tutorial | Tummietown #sew

I didn’t trace the sleeves but drew them myself. Very simple. They are a bit wide so you need to take a very thin or smooth fabric. Which I didnt… :/
You can use a tape or a plate to draw the curves. For the neckline I measured te dress and used the measuring tape to draw this.

Simple T dress tutorial | Tummietown #sew


Easy! Now you have the front and back pattern.

Simple T dress tutorial | Tummietown #sew

Simple T dress tutorial | Tummietown #sew

Next time I would draw the top line of the sleeves lower at the end. So the sleeves become a bit narrower.

Cut the fabric and sew the sides an top of the sleeves together.

Simple T dress tutorial | Tummietown #sew

I used bias tape to finish the neckline and sleeves. This looks realy tight 😉 You can also use a contrast color wich I like… but I allready had this one.

Simple T dress tutorial | Tummietown #sew

First you sew the biastape on the right side of the fabcric and then you turn it around to the inside. Make sure you don’t see any bias tape on the front. Iron , pin and sew. Very easy and it looks pretty.

Simple T dress tutorial | Tummietown #sew

Finish the bottom and the job is done!

Simple T dress tutorial |please pick another picture ;) | Tummietown #sew

And here I’am showing of the dress… Now I know why I don’t blog about he stuff I make for myself 😉


Raglan shirt & dress

Hi all! Just a quick update to share with you this time.
I love raglans!

Raglan dress tricot/ jersey | Tummietown #sew

Raglan shirt / jersey | Tummietown #sew

For these two I used the raglan shirt pattern from ottobre 4/ 2010.
For the yellow sweater I used a stretch velour fabric and added ribbing fabric on to the bottom. Because i’m a big fan of piping I used a stretch piping in a contrast color.
Big fan of the yellow/ fluor pink combination 🙂

For the dress I adjusted the pattern by adding lenght and a bit of with at the bottom. I used the ‘Pluma orange’ jersey fabric from lillestoff.
Bye! See you soon 🙂