Body warmer

I love body warmers so I really had to make one for Koko 😉  I used a simple vest pattern (in this case from Ottobre 2012/3) with a hood and no sleeves. I took a size bigger because it has to fit over her clothes. Also the puffy filling makes it a tighter fit.

It’s reversible but I couldn’t find a zipper that works both ways… so now it kinda isn’t… I didn’t like the yellow dots fabric as much as the grey doves but it looks neat on the inside.

sleeveless vest / bodywarmer | Tummietown #sewSleeveless vest / bodywarmer | Tummietown #sew

(Note to myself: In the future I really should take more ‘work in progress’ pictures to show you how I made it… 😉 ) I hope this is still helpful for you and if it isn’t; just scroll down to the last picture which is the cutest anyway!

I’ve cut al the panels twice; one for the outside and one for the lining, because you have to sew two vests. To make it a bit more interesting I included a paspel, label and an application on the outside vest.

Sleeveless vest / bodywarmer | Tummietown #sew Sleeveless vest / bodywarmer | Tummietown #sew

On to the inside vest (yellow dots) I attached the filling and ribbing fabric.
Sleeveless vest / bodywarmer | Tummietown #sew Sleeveless vest / bodywarmer | Tummietown #sew

I used the same way of sewing this together as the summer jacket. In this post you can find a very helpful tutorial about how to sew a reversible vest with hood and zipper (which I also used for this body warmer). At the end I’ve stitched trough the body warmer to keep the filling at it’s place.

Koko showing her new body warmer! You can tell she approves 😉

Sleeveless vest / bodywarmer | Tummietown #sew


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