Summer Jacket

I Wanted to sew a summer Jacket for Koko, but I couldn’t find a pattern I liked 😉 This is always my problem when I have something in my mind…

So I used a basic sweater vest pattern with hood from the Ottobre (2012/3) But you can find this everywhere.
I adjusted the hood and included a elastic cord , added some cute round pockets, flaps on the sleeves and a zipper. I also used another fabric on the top of the jacket because I didn’t had enough of the dots fabric…but this turned out great! I made a fold in the back and added a few extra cm’s at the bottom and made it round.

Fabric I used: For the outside a cotton dots fabric from Laura Wisbrun / Robert Kaufman and for the inside I used a cotton jersey/tricot fabric.

Here are some helpfull tutorials I used:
These are not in English but still very helpfull and with a lot of pictures 🙂

– Hooded sweater tutorial at Mama Pluis (Dutch)
– Round pocket turorial at Anu*Miki (also lovely dress!!!! Dutch)
– How to sew a reversible hooded sweater (with zipper) tutorial. at bienvenido colorido. Very helpfull! (German)

Summer Jacket Summer JacketSummer Jacket Summer JacketSummer Jacket




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