Koko’s 1st birthday dress ♥

I sewed a cute baby bloomers just to see how it would turn out. It looked soooo cute on her I had to make a tunic to go with it and decided this would be her birthday outfit (luckily the weather was great on her birthday last friday!!!) and no I didn’t match the cake to her dress, it’s is a nice coincidence 🙂

For the baby bloomers I used the free pattern from prudent baby . But you can also trace a swimming trunks or another diaper cover and make this (a lot) bigger so it will puff if you insert the elastic band. I’ve seen a tutorial of this before… somewhere… but it’s very easy!

For the tunic I used a very simple dress pattern I used before for the apple dress and made it shorter and less wide. I used lining for the top part, added buttons on the back and shoulders. I don’t know why I used a boat label for the bloomers… maybe because it was a hot summer day 🙂  I think an apple or mushroom would’ve fit better… I have to think of this next time!

DIY bubble shorts baby | Tummietown #sew Baby tunic & bubble shorts baby | Tummietown #sew Baby tunic & bubble shorts baby | Tummietown #sew Baby tunic & bubble shorts baby | Tummietown #sew #kokobirthday #birthdaycake


Summer Jacket

I Wanted to sew a summer Jacket for Koko, but I couldn’t find a pattern I liked 😉 This is always my problem when I have something in my mind…

So I used a basic sweater vest pattern with hood from the Ottobre (2012/3) But you can find this everywhere.
I adjusted the hood and included a elastic cord , added some cute round pockets, flaps on the sleeves and a zipper. I also used another fabric on the top of the jacket because I didn’t had enough of the dots fabric…but this turned out great! I made a fold in the back and added a few extra cm’s at the bottom and made it round.

Fabric I used: For the outside a cotton dots fabric from Laura Wisbrun / Robert Kaufman and for the inside I used a cotton jersey/tricot fabric.

Here are some helpfull tutorials I used:
These are not in English but still very helpfull and with a lot of pictures 🙂

– Hooded sweater tutorial at Mama Pluis (Dutch)
– Round pocket turorial at Anu*Miki (also lovely dress!!!! Dutch)
– How to sew a reversible hooded sweater (with zipper) tutorial. at bienvenido colorido. Very helpfull! (German)

Summer Jacket Summer JacketSummer Jacket Summer JacketSummer Jacket





Hi you all!

I’m very excited about my first blog post 😉
Let me introduce myself first! I’m Chantal (aka Tummie) and I work as Loulou & Tummie together with my husband. We create illustrations, characters, plush, walls, bags, patterns and a lot more. I also sew the characters we draw for exhibitions for example.
In my ‘spare time’ I love to sew clothes and other stuff for our little girl called ‘Koko’. (I guess you will see some (read ‘a lot of’ )pictures of her on this blog in the future )

I wanted to start a blog for a long time…to tell you about all the things I like and sew. So much inspiration and so much I want to create! I’m also busy with a new project which involves fabric, patterns, kids clothes etc… but still a work in progress 😉

I hope you like my blog!